Some friday night baby duck egg


friends hanging out on a friday after a long week
friends hanging out on a friday after a long week (Left to right) Megan, Seila, So, Piseth, Jo, Polly

The fourth week of school has finished. It’s kind of hard to believe it is September already, though it is exciting. Work has been stressful at times, but the kids for the most part are great. Mondays and Tuesdays are usually the most stressful, then it gets better later into the week. I started to and will continue to swim with the 2nd and 3rd grade girls for about an hour and 10 minutes every friday right before school ends, so that will be a nice cool off in the pool. 

There was “Back to school night” tonight, which is Parent open house. I introduced myself to some of the parents, but I didn’t really speak much for the most part. It ended at 8, then I dragged Polly, the kindergarden teacher, also my house mate… and Megan, the ESL teacher at Logos (who is from HK!), to hang out with two of my friends from outside of school. Seila, who I have known for over a year now and So, who I just met a few days ago. 

It has been a long week for all of us, so I, especially was excited to hang out with my friends and just relax. I knew, from the start that we were going to be out later than usual, which made it even more exciting. Nothing like home, hong kong, where it never sleeps. 

Seila and So haven’t had dinner yet, and they convinced me to eat baby duck eggs, and so I thought this would be a great night to try it. I was up for anything. THey brought us to a street stall, had great Khmer mixed juices and had my baby duck egg adventure. Pictures are up on facebook, only a few, you can’t really see as much as the spiders that I ate before. It’s just the thought of it that makes people go crazy. I have to admit, once again, that it was quite tasty. I had two. 

Afterwards, we went to The Gym Bar, had a drink and played pool. Though we were exhausted, well, I was quite wired, as usual… coming from Hong Kong. It was only about 9:30 at that point. I enjoyed sitting around, shooting some pool and just hanging out, not having to think about school or talking too in depth about school. Touch Rugby was also playing on TV, so that was quite enjoyable to watch. 

We got home just before midnight, definitely the latest I have stayed out till in the past month I’ve been here. It’s just past 2:30 AM now, I have been able to chat with some friends and put up some pictures the last two hours. No idea what I’m doing tomorrow, well later today, but I’ll figure that out once I wake up. 

For now, Cheers.

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