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Wow. What a day. I don’t even know where to start. I think I’m going to go with bullet points to tell you pretty much the four things I did today, two highlights but the other two are worth mentioning as well. 

1. I went to ICA for church today for the first time. International Christian Assembly. The music could not compare to ECC, but it was similar. Drums, Bass, and vocals. The bass was pulling down the tempo today though, so that was a bit annoying but either way, it felt good to worship and sing in an environment so similar to ECC. I really enjoyed it. It was the closest to feeling like home, so far in the church hunting period.

Though the speaker today seemed to have rambled on for a little too long, I do look forward to going back to meeting more people in the church. I had to stand up and introduce myself because I was new, then after church, this lady came up to me and was like “You said you are from HK right?” I was like yeah, then she started speaking to me in Cantonese and we talked for a bit. Her three kids go to Logos as well and I actually swim with one of her girls. We mentioned getting together sometime for a meal and I suggested good chinese food. And she said, of course, dimsum! So hopefully sometime soon.. I’ll be able to have some good dimsum. 

2. Went to lunch with the Weiss family and Anna after church. We went to this place by the riverfront that looked great from the outside and looked very relaxing. So we walked in and sat down, and ordered our food. Then lately realized it was the wrong choice. Leslie saw a rat in the restaurant. Mya flipped over on her chair.. which I guess wasn’t so much the restaurants fault. The food took an hour to come. And finally, Julia found a rubber band in her spring rolls. Scratch that off our list of restaurants to eat at! 

3. Here comes the exciting part. I went swimming with Tess, Dean and two of his girls at the school, then afterwards, Tess and I decided to go for a drive on Dean’s moto. Well.. more like take some lessons. For me anyways. So we went back to the street where my house was on, because it was quiet, less cars, and a nice road to ride on. 

Tess did great, and she was fine riding up and down the road. My turn now, I put on my helmet, and got on the bike. Dean was guiding me a little bit and then the road I headed. I went about 3 meters and realized I was not balancing well so I wanted to stop. But at this point, I panicked and my mind and body was not functioning well together. (By the way, this is hilarious to me and just ridiculous) My mind was telling me I had to brake with my left hand. But my body was using the right hand to put even MORE gas on. So i went faster, and not straight either. I crashed into the bushes and fell to the side. Thankfully it was in the bushes on the side of the road. I’m fine, don’t worry. No scratches or injury I wouldn’t get from playing rugby. But it was pretty awesome. Dean lately commented that I was very graceful in getting off of the bike when it collapsed which is always good.


maybe about 30 seconds before I crashed
maybe about 30 seconds before I crashed


Dean was amazing, is amazing and though I sorta crashed his new bike, he continued to teach me and guided me even more closely. After about 15 minutes, I started to get the hang of it a little more. And could actually go relatively straight on my street in a slow speed (which is harder than going in a fast speed). Ahhhh, good times. It makes a great story. 

4. I went to dinner at Khmer-Thai with Rind and Vannak tonight. It was a great dinner, and we had a great time catching up with each other. Really enjoyed the fellowship. When we left, it wasn’t raining yet but we could see lightning. We drove about two blocks and we felt rain drops. “Oh no.. it’s starting” Vannak says driving and I’m on the back of his moto. About 30 seconds later, it starts pouring. Vannak quickly pulls over to the side of the street under covered and stops. We just sat there on the moto looking out into the rain. It was a beautiful site, though perhaps not so much when you are trying to get home. 

We sat there on the side of the road for about 20 minutes, then decided to head out. So we got on and zoom, we headed back. It started pouring heavier, it even felt like hails when the rain fell onto our face. I was pretty cold from the rain, and I’m sure he was too. I got home and was drenched from head to toe. Oh, side note, I really had to pee as well on the way. So that’s it. 

I was and am exhausted but had to write an entry about it. I wouldn’t be able to sleep otherwise. Doesn’t it all make for a good story? It’s all real. No lie. 

Seems like I’m going to have a few busy weekends coming up, if everything works out. Hopefully just as eventful as today. I guess today made up for doing absolutely nothing yesterday. Seriously, nothing. I was super lazy. I laid in bed (with my computer) until 430 in the afternoon, got up, showered, went to dinner, then back home. We all got to have days like that.

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