The importance of a creative outlet

Austin Texas has a way to seep into my creative soul. I have never been the “creative person” growing up. Writing, journaling on this blog was my way to expressing my emotions and the ever changing teenage emotions. In high school, I dove into novice video production and editing leading to creating a short documentary with some friends on Cambodia.

Somewhere along the way in the last 10 plus years, I’ve lost the desire and the motivation to continue writing. I often find myself every few months thinking “oh I should update my blog”. What does that say about me? Is it laziness? Is it a lack of inspiration? Or did I fall into the traps of expectations of adulthood in which we simply focus on “work” and money making?

Recently I attended a poetry showcase in Austin, Texas with Third Thursday Poetry. This showcase featured a college friend I hadn’t seen or kept in touch with in a few years. I left feeling inspired by his authenticity to express, his fearlessness to be vulnerable, and by the support he received from all the. beautiful souls in that backyard that night.

Once again, I found myself saying…. “I should write again.”

So here we are, my writing has deteriorated. With the constant connectivity in the palm of our hands these days, I find myself struggling to find even a few minutes of time to let me mind simply be. With 20 tabs open on my browser, I find the urge to switch tasks with every breathe.

“I could be doing more. I could learn more. What else do I need to do? Oh I forgot to message this person, let me text them now.” etc etc

These thoughts rumble through my brain at a million miles per hour.

These days, I am the most focused when I’m in a training session with my client. Focusing on them, observing their movement patterns, their mindset, & giving my 200% attention to them.

Perhaps that goes to show that I’m doing what I’m meant to do?

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