15 minute procrastination post

These days, when I’m not working out, I’m studying. I recently started a continuing education program for Data Analytics at The Chang School (Ryerson) in Toronto. As someone without a statistics background, I often feel like I’m playing catch up to everyone else in class. However, that was expected when I decided to start this program.

With data analytics as a profession that is in high demand, there is a certain amount of competitiveness as we speed through the materials in this program in hopes to land the job of our dreams in 8 months. No, I don’t know where it’ll bring me yet nor do I feel like I’m going to be at all competitive compared to everyone else BUT I do know that I will find a way.

I always do.

At the end of the day, it is NOT about a fancy tech job at the end of the tunnel, but about how much we’ve learned. What does the journey look like?

In fact, with a fast track program that finishes in 8 months, my first set of classes are coming to an end in less than 2 weeks. That is 7 weeks for a set of 3 classes. Midterms in the 4th week and finals 2 weeks later. The knowledge I have gained in the last 6 weeks have already been more than I could imagine.

Dedication. Persistence. Humility. Hard work.

Daily values I practice to keep pushing forward.

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