Shared Experiences

First of all, it’s been almost a year since I’ve been here. Tuning out the responsibilities, the noise of the world – and focus on the words on the screen. This was inspired by a wonderful interaction with a fellow artist – one who is not afraid to live his truth, to share his art, and to express through art.

“What do you do for your right brain? How do you express your creativity?”

“I write…… but, it’s been a long time.”

Little did I realize, a long time = almost a year. This has been the longest I have not written since starting this page in middle school. The thing about writing, at least for myself, is that it allows me to process experiences I’ve had through words. Often, these experiences have a way of carrying my energy high for days but at the same time, I have a hard time expressing it out loud verbally. Perhaps this is because of the intricate details of the experience, the emotions it brings out, and how no one else but you were there in that particular moment.

With that said, you are never alone. Experiences are always shared, whether you are with a friend, a family member, or a stranger.

In the last two years, through every country and every culture, we have all had a shared experience living through the pandemic – the lockdowns, the masks, the impact it has had on all our lives. None of our lives are the same today, as they were two years ago. Regardless of where you are today, there is no denying this shared experience – and that’s why it has seeped into every conversation today. We are living an every day shared experience.

However, there are some experiences that impact us more than others. They are often unexpected and inspiring. These are the ones that are harder to put into words. They are the ones that leave you craving more.

The funny thing is, I sat down hoping to put my most recent shared experience into words, but now as I finish off the time self allotted for this post – I realized I have not told you a single thing about my time with my new friend, who was a stranger merely a week ago.

I guess I’ll leave that for another time.

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