The rat is still around…

I was sitting in the living room earlier tonight and one of my housemates starts yelling for another house mate.. i was like whats up? And realized that there was a rat in the house. It was a loud rat and we saw it run behind a bucket of shoes. I could’ve sworn I was staring at it and didn’t see it go anywhere. 

But when we took the broom planning to either kill it or trap it in a bucket so we can dump him outside, the rat could not be found!! 

Long story short…. It’s still here… roaming around the house. Yay. 

Don’t we all love a special visitor once in a while? 


Rat aside, Things are going pretty well. Work is going a little smoother, definitely still struggling but been better than the first week or two. It’s been great having friends outside of work environment to go out, have a drink and hang out. Though I do feel worn out every night, mentally, it is not as bad as it might seem. Just a little confused about how I feel at times about this whole experience. But even that, is all part of the experience. 

Just recently, there has been some personal spiritual stuff that I don’t have too much time to explain here, but feel free to ask me about it. My housemates and I, along with many other people, are all going through it together. We have our faith in God and trust that He is our stronghold, so there is absolutely nothing to fear. I pray that the fear in me goes away, because if it stays- Satan has succeeded. 

I am learning more about myself, the gifts that I might have or might not have. I am struggling to be a teacher or feel like a decent teacher. But have received some encouragements which is nice. I’m looking forward to having visitors, actual visitors (friends) come and visit in the next two months. It will be much needed. 

Drop me an email or a message on facebook sometime. I would love to know how the rest of the world is doing. Do know that I am thinking about all of you. 

For now, take care!

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3 thoughts on “The rat is still around…

  1. Hi Joanne. Thanks for the call last night. It was very sweet of you to call me. Feel free to ring me anytime. Btw, there are rats at your place?! omg….watch out everytime u wear your shoe! maybe they hide in there and bite you when u step inside without noticing…

  2. jo, that’s why we said there is a need to put somethings in your house to feed the rat, which can get them to sleep without further interruption to you and your housemates…..

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