Not too sure where to start. A week ago, my house mates and I took the Weiss’s kids to Paragon for a morning outing. Took some sticker pictures and ended up at Black Canyon Coffee for lunch. Got some great american food, pasta, sandwiches, etc. 

Everyone got either american pasta or sandwich, all the food came and everyone got forks, spoons and knives. Get this, my food came and along with it came chopsticks. I stared blankly at the chopsticks placed in front of me and smirked. My housemates, of course, was dying laughing. Unbelievable I tell you. Oh, must I forget to tell you that I got fettucini pasta, a dish you eat with a fork! We pretty much died laughing for about 10 minutes, and still, we laugh. 

Tonight, I went to Sarika, a restaurant right around the corner of my house. The food and environment is great, it’s quite quiet most of the time and there are live entertainers. But that is beside the point. I got Pad Thai, which is a famous thai dish. Great dish! 

After they bought me my food, the waiter looks at me and I quote, says, ” Do you need … (scissors motion) ” which means chopsticks if you didn’t get that. I looked at him and was like, No, I’m good thanks. Of course, the whole table, a totally different crowd… none of my house mates were there, they all start cracking up and dying laughing. No way, You got to be kidding me. 

As much as it cracks me up and as much as I am like “nooo, just give me a fork”. I love it and I love that people think I need chopsticks and would like to use chopsticks. Sigh, I miss Hong Kong and eating chinese food with chopsticks! 

Ahhhh.. good times. good times. 


Bring me some dimsum?

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