we are stupid human beings

Time after time, we give ourself away and we end up heart broken. All we want is someone to protect our heart, someone to hold it with all their might and all their love but you know what? That person is here with us ALL the time. That person is our Father, our Friend, He is the ONLY one who has and will protect us and love us forever. His love lasts forever and he cares about us more than anyone in this world will ever care.

Then WHY do we always crave for the kind of love in another person other than God? we seek out love knowing that we will be hurt. we crave it when we know God is always offering His, and His love is greater than any other.

no one ELSE deserves our whole heart

nobody deserves to be heart broken.
nobody deserves to feel that pain.

because that pain you feel…. won’t heal itself. it won’t ever fully go away, you just have to try your best to deal with it. even though it’s damn hard, especially when everything around you tells you otherwise.

once you’ve given it away even the slightest bit, you have to fight yourself to try and get it back.  day after day, the pain builds and hits you at the worse times. At that time, as much as you know that God is there and that’s what matters, the pain doesn’t go away.

so take care of your heart.

even if you have to be over protective over it.

Published by Joanne Lam

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