let this old life crumble

“Who turned Christians just the last few years? Do you remember what you were like before you became a Christian?” Derek asked.I started to ponder the question and thought about the difference before and now. I thought about the experiences that lead me to believe in God. It’s a strange thought, to be saved, to be re-born and to be able to start a new life.

Have you been walking on a surface that’s uncertain?
Have you helped yourself to everything that’s empty? yeah!
You can’t live it’s way too long.
There’s more than this, more than this.
Have you been standing on your own feet too long?
Have you been looking for a place where you belong?

Have you been holding on to what this world has offered?
Have you been giving in to all these masquerades?
It will be gone, forever gone.
It will be gone, it will be gone

Are you carrying the weight too much?, are you running from the call?

Let this old life crumble, let it fade.
Have you been standing on your own feet too long?
Have you been looking for a place where you belong?

Those are some of the lyrics to Let it fade, by Jeremy Camp. Those questions are what many of us think about, we all want to fit in, we all want to just be happy but when God wasn’t a part of my life, I depended on what the world showed me, I looked up to the world’s expectations and followed the world’s “trends”. The friends I had were different, the hobbies I had and the things I did for fun were different, I spent time doing things for my own temporary satisfaction.

It’s fascinating how much I have changed personally. I don’t even know how to explain it. Though others might not have seen much of a change in me, but everyday I wake up and know that God is in my heart and He is taking care of me, I feel a sense of calmness, a sense of peace. To know that I am not just another person on this earth, but I am God’s creation and a part of God’s family.

Are you carrying that weight and that burden by yourself?

You can rest, you will find rest.
You can rest you will find rest.

Let this old life crumble, let it fade.
Let this new life offered be your saving grace.
Let this old life crumble, let it fade, let it fade.

Published by Joanne Lam

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