stuck in the moment

Ever had a time where you had so much fun and you felt like nothing mattered? Corrie and I were talking yesterday about how much we miss the Care people and just people in general. A couple of weeks and I’ll be seeing some of them in the Philippines. I can’t wait, but these few weeks are going to be busy with teachers cramming all the homework and tests before the christmas break.

Here’s a couple of pictures.

care groupjibong and memarkcj and me

This weekend is going to be a busy weekend.. with JRP, work and everything. Sigh. Hope you are all having a great week. A good friend is coming back this sunday for a few days.. I have missed him so much and I can’t wait to hang out with him. Yay!

Cheers, Jo.

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2 thoughts on “stuck in the moment

  1. heh..aawe jo! it’s going to be so good to see them again, but at the same time bittersweet, cause we’re only have 48 hours with them. seriously, it’s awesome but like i said bittersweet. heh
    love ya!

  2. hallo my jo how’re you? im in pain. im gladi stayed home. got back from the hkd thing and almost collapsed. i have this thing where if i get stressed out, and i’ve become sore and haven’t drunk enough, my muscles start to contract and i can’t breath. so i figured it might be that before school was out but decided to take some advil. didnt’ really help. but now im doing alright. it still hurts to sit though. shallower breathing. but once i lie down to sleep it should be alright. sorry i couldn’t come. i know i should’ve, but i was being lame. just didnt really feel like doing anything. i mean now look at me…i got home before nine, and have bene working jrp since then. so sad.

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