Happy Thanksgiving.

A little late but Happy Thanksgiving nontheless. I didn’t get a chance to have a thanksgiving dinner so I am still craving for turkey but I don’t think I will be having it anytime soon. This whole weekend was spent at school, in the high school and middle school gym playing basketball.

This Thanksgiving holiday tournament was fun, we didn’t place very well but I think it was fun nontheless meeting new people, playing basketball and just hanging out. We’ve grown alot this tournament as a team, I have faith that we will be a very good team towards the end of the season. We will need to step up all together slowly as time passes, and by the time we know it, we will be on a plane to Beijing or Japan for another tournament.

I am proud of the boys. They have gone such a long way, undefeated until championship game. Both Faith Acadamy and HKIS varsity teams are amazing teams, they have amazing talent and they’ve got competition. The game was a heart breaker for us but it gave the audience a very exciting night. Congrats boys.

Thank you for all of you who came to support my team and I during the tournament. It will fun looking up into the stands and hearing all of you cheer for us whether we were playing well or not. It gave me more energy to show my audiences the talent that I have. Thank you again. It meant alot.

The Mayhugh’s left and went back to the Philippines last night, I had a chance to bring them to the airport express and saying good bye to them. I will miss them in Hong Kong. I miss the CARE staff in Hong Kong. Hopefully, I will see them soon. I am invited to Philippines for a mission trip in a couple of weeks and I am so blessed that I have this chance to go and see how God is working in the slums of Philippines. I am even more blessed that my parents will be going with me and I pray that God will work in them through this short weekend trip.

Here’s a few pictures from the past week or so.


A couple of weeks and we will be off on christmas holidays. I am so thankful, this semester hasn’t been too stressful and God has really kept my strength up with basketball and everything. I am so thankful for everyone I have met this semester, all my friends, new or old. Family. I hope you all had a great thanksgiving. It is always nice to think of all that we have in. Things that we won’t realize we have lost until we lose them.

Cheers, Jo.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving.

  1. haah i really gotta watch you play bball sometime!
    well its too bad we haven’t been talking much lately, but i know youre busy and i really hope to see you soon!
    miss ya,


    p.s. im happy for you about bball hehe and also im excited for your phillipines trip!

  2. yes see i would’v been there screaming GO JO GO just like last year. but nooooo i had to go to thailand. what the heck. kind of wish i had just stayed here. save me the stress gosh

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