Cream of the crop!

TGIF! Today’s been a relatively good day, I mean it is a friday. How can it not be good? Practice was cancelled today because, well a whole bunch of reasons but some of us still ran suicides and walls in the high school gym even though most of it was set up for the dance competition. I didn’t go to the dance competition but I went to Encounter, along with Jesse, Maggie, Corrie and Chris.

It was just what I needed, a group of students and youth leaders singing, worshiping, playing games and having fun and just chatting. After a long week of school, I didn’t need to stay in school. During worship, one of the songs we sang was “Consuming Fire”. If you know that song, one of the lines were “stir it up in my hearts Lord” and it repeats for a while. While the whole room was singing that, I sat there with my head down. I felt my heart being tugged, maybe it was God trying to stir my heart. Trying to find my heart. Trying to find my love for Him and telling me that I have to get focused after everything that’s been going on.

Tim talked to us about being the light of the world. Imagine one of your teachers coming up to you and said.. you’re the best student in this class. You’re the light of the class, I want you to teach everyone what you do. How would you feel? Special? I know I would.. I’d try not to be prideful but I would feel happy, feel like I belong. That’s what God’s telling us. We are the light of the world, we are called to go out and be an example.

We were also told about “Cream of the crop.” Which is based on the idea that cream is the best part of milk. So it is an idiom that talks about how we are the best in the particular group. And because we are the cream of the crop, we should not waste it on things that won’t matter in the long run. We spend so much time on technological things, msn, myspace, facebook, we don’t communicate face to face as much anymore. Many of us don’t, even though we are in the same country or state. If you don’t spend that much time on those things, or doing nothing at all, we can be spending that time with Christ, learning about Him, or spreading the gospel.

Today in existentialism class, we talked about how everything we do should besomething we want to do. something we understand. Before we have a goal, we should understand what we are learning or doing. We want to get into this or that university, but you work so hard to get into the university, did you really learn or understand what you did? If you didn’t get in, it’s not the end of the world is it? Life is short.. live it well.

Sorry if this entry seems a bit jumpy, I hope it made sense. It is quite late into the night and it’s been a long week. There are so many things I can write about… maybe next time. One last thing… ever thought of what JOY might mean?


think about that.
Cheers, Jo.

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3 thoughts on “Cream of the crop!

  1. WOAHHH i’ve always wondered why “cream of the crop” meant what it means! so THATS why!! i want krispy kreme now….but all i’ve got is pizza..which, by the way, reminds me that i haven’t had lunch yet! =( anyways, i’m really glad to see God teaching you so much stuff! it’s awesome that you make it a point to type it up so that not only you remember what God’s taught you, but so that others can see how God’s visibly working =) it’s awesome!

  2. definitely a little bit incoherent =) so….by your analysis, JOY (jesus, others yourself), make sure that you don’t lose the smile on your face from a week or two ago. make sense? i can be inchoerent too! but i know that life and stress have been wearing on me lately….aiya, those students!….but i think you too with basketball. lunch tomorrow, real life contact, see ya then! =)

  3. howdie my good friend πŸ™‚

    well, you know, just so i can procrastinate a little longer – i’ll write you a comment hohoho.

    that was a really nice blog .. and i acutally READ THE WHOLE THING – how honored are YOU!

    anyway im talking to you online haah so yeah not much to say sorry

    take care,

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