This is why…

Jessy Chew is my best friend. So get this.. about a minute after I posted my last post where I said “Now I’m just waiting for Jessy to get her butt back to Manhattan and Hong Kong…” I get a phone call which made me mute my music. But the person on the line cut me off after I picked up. Then I heard my door bell rang. I had no idea who it was because it could not have been my helper or my parents. I opened the door and there she was.. standing right there!

I was speechless, besides the fact that I just posted that and wrote that last sentence on my last entry, I was also about to link her site to my wordpress and talking to a friend about the Westlife concert where I was also thinking about Jessy. I thought she was coming back tomorrow night, but she came back early and decides to surprise me. I asked her how she knew I was home. She said she went online as appearing offline and saw that I was online. I’m impressed. So nice to have her back.

After causeway, I went back to stanley and was not ready to go home yet. So I went to seafront and hung out. I have not been there on a saturday or sunday night before most of them gets off work in a long time. I use to quite alot, and it was nice just talking to each and every one of them. Sitting there just listenning to them talk, making fun of them, talking to them about the most random subjects and laughing with them was very nice. I missed it alot. I really wish I could’ve stayed and talked to them, actually had decent one on one conversation with some of them when they got off work… especially when school is starting in two days and I won’t have many chances to go there… Sigh. That place makes me happy.


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