It’s days like these.


Today is such a beautiful day, although a little hot- the blue sky and white clouds makes me happy. School starts in 2 days, but this is summer, this weather. Perfect to chill out on this side of the island. For the past few weeks, it has either been non-stop rain, cloudy and humid, or sunny and humid. It’s good to see the sun out once again.

Church was good, nice to see most people back, get the youth section of the church back into spirit. Lunch was good, despite the temptation to have Krispy Kreme donuts afterwards, I did not to prevent getting even more out of shape than I already am. Besides, I had to be at American Club anyway. Meeting up with old friends is always a plus. I saw Darius and Christy, whom I met on the Tsunami relief trip held by the youth ministry last summer, at the American Club, had a nice chat with Darius, catching up with things that happened this past year, exchanging humorous stories, talking about life. Congrats to you both by the way… Sitting outside on the green, but under the shade, with a little breeze. It was nice.

Meeting up with Jon for dinner. It’s good to have him back. It’s been a good day so far, busy yet still having time to breathe and enjoy. Now I’m just waiting for Jessy to get her butt back to Manhattan and Hong Kong…


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3 thoughts on “It’s days like these.

  1. jo i miss you so much already. even though i saw you just a couple days ago.

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