The simplicity


This little guy made my day. Don’t get me wrong, my day was amazing hanging out with friends. Seeing friends from the best summer ever, which was three years ago is great. I have not talked to them or seen them since that summer. They are both in Hong Kong for this week and for one of them, it’s her first time in town. Bringing them around and at the same time, doing a little shopping myself. It’s good to catch up, and laugh about our Explo memories.

On my way home, I walked by and ended up stopping by Seafront. There was a women eating with her pet- the parrot. I was shocked, I have never seen the parrot before but  apparently  they come quite often. The parrot was just in his own little world too busy eating to care about anything else. When he was done eating, he would jump around, dance around whether or not there were anyone watching him. I was sitting there drinking my lime soda and watching his every move. He would look at me and say “Hello.” I could not stop smiling and laughing.

I wish our life is as simple as that. Just eat and play and not having to worry or care about anything else.  Though our life is busy and hectic, it’s nice to take time off and just spend some time alone. Whether it’s in your room, listenning to music and staring up into the wall. Or sitting next to the ocean and listenning to the sound of the waves and staring into the stars. Tonight I felt carefree, even though at the back of my head, it was reminding me that school will be starting in less than 12 hours, and I won’t have much time to hang out with my friends anymore, I felt relaxed. With people sitting around me eating with their friends, with car’s zooming by, and the music playing at seafront- I still felt carefree. It was like nothing else was going on except for the parrot who was just enjoying himself. Sitting there just staring at the parrot, naturally, I had one of the biggest smile on my face.


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One thought on “The simplicity

  1. It was so awesome seeing you today! Nice reflection =) Enjoy your first day tomorrow! Will hopefully see you again soon!

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