Breaking Mental Habits

Routines and habits – that’s what our lives are surrounded by. Type into google “routines for the most successful people” and you’ll get thousands of articles and tips on what to do to start your morning right. Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, all of them wake up between 5-7 AM to start their routines.

How often have we read those articles, stoked for the first 3 days of trying out the routine, and then fall off the wagon as soon as we had one day of laziness where we decided to snooze for an extra 10 minutes in replacement for the routine of exercise, meditation, etc?

I know I’ve done that, just this week as a matter of fact. However, it’s a daily choice I continue to make every morning- some days I succeed, some days I fail but this post is not about a morning routine. Instead, it’s about the mental habits we have constructed that impacts our routines. When we are subconscious about our habits, we will easily fall into the trap of actions that don’t serve us. 

99.9% of actions we take and things we say are a result of our unconscious thought patterns. We are taught at a young age to brush our teeth twice a day, and (hopefully) most of us have continued to do that. However, have we ever challenged that notion of the need to brush our teeth twice a day? Or the need to brush our teeth in general? Thankfully, we know for a fact that brushing or flossing our teeth improves our dental hygiene so (please) continue to use that toothbrush but most days we don’t think about whether we need to do it or not- we just do.

What about picking up the phone as soon as you open your eyes and scrolling through social media? Do you say to yourself every morning: “I know this is harmful to my productivity and will take at least 5-10 minutes of my time I could use to hydrate and mobilize BUT I’m going to sit here and look at instagram anyway” If so, good for you because you are aware of the long-term harm you are inflicting on yourself, but you have made a conscious choice. If not, you’re NOT alone. For most of us, it has become a habit to use our phones as an alarm clock, and a subconscious habit to check our email + social media before we even step foot off our bed.

Similarly, when was the last time you told yourself “oh I don’t like that because I’m not good at it” or “I can’t do it cause I suck”? We live in a society in which we are praised and awarded for success, as we should. However, it also creates a subconscious dislike towards things we are not good at or unsuccessful at. This was my experience with certain subjects in school.

As I’ve grown and adopted a more conscious thought pattern through my readings, podcast listenings and the community I surround myself with- I’ve realized that I’ve been feeding myself the truth that I will not be good at any job surrounding those subjects. Is it the truth? Or is it simply the story I’ve been telling myself? 

What if I fed myself a different story? What does that look like?

The truth is, the conscious thought pattern I have to replace with the subconscious is: “You may suck at it now. You may get frustrated throughout the process, but stay consistent, work like heck and no matter what you will be 50% further than you are now.” 

As Tom Bilyeu from Impact Theory says,

“The key to becoming successful is to work so ridiculously hard at acquiring skills that when people see how good you are they just assume you’re naturally talented.”

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 14.51.43

Dear Readers,

My challenge for you today is to challenge your subconscious mental thought patterns and habits. Question your joy, question your anger, question your frustration, what is the culprit of these thoughts? If your current thoughts are not serving you well, how can you consciously replace different thoughts with your current ones?”

Please feel free to comment below or contact me for further discussion. We are all in the game of life together, let’s figure out how to beat the current level and move on to the NEXT!


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