I ate in Bangkok like it was thanksgiving every day

This year’s Christmas was special. Both my brother and I were back home in Hong Kong and we decided to take a family trip to Bangkok. I’ve been there previously for quick trips, but this was by far my longest time there yet- and it did not disappoint.

Granted, we did not do too much sight seeing in terms of tourist locations, but we walked over 14,000 steps every day throughout the city, and ate so much food my weight averaged about 3 pounds different every day between the morning and night. It is a tad ridiculous, but I’m not complaining at all! The food, whether it be street food, hawker centers, or fancy restaurants- is definitely one to write home about.


The following photo are statues made of condoms. Yup, you read correctly- condoms. It is a restaurant called Cabbage & Condoms. It serves authentic delicious Thai food, but you don’t really go for the food. Go for the atmosphere, the creative art displays made of condoms- and get some free condoms on the way out! C&C is part of an NGO to “promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning” and to promote safe sex. A fun place to visit if you’re in Bangkok!


It was quite foggy all week:


At Central World, one of the biggest shopping malls in Bangkok- was the display of “the universe of happiness” which is basically a display of multiple really adorable Snoopys! How can you ignore them? It’s a great fun activity to bring your children and family to visit. Snap some photos and add it to your photo collection at home!


The final quite touristy, and yet, extremely unique spot in Bangkok is Asiatique. A night market full of artsy crafts, authentic Thai souvenirs, and local Thai snacks here and there- the energy comes from locals and tourists alike. As it is located right by the river, the breeze creates a surreal atmosphere- (the perfect date night location!)


We got the perfect surprise on our final night in Bangkok- Christmas Day. As we sat at Asiatique having some Chang beer and Pad Thai- fireworks arose! It was beyond beautiful to be surrounded by my dearest family, listening to the waves of the river, smelling the scent of fresh air in every breathe, and of course watching the colorful fireworks go off.

My body might be in need of some serious detox, but no regrets at all. I would do it all over again if I could. Sometimes traveling is all about the food- this was one of those times.

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