Moments of pure joy

When was the last time you felt a moment of pure joy? A moment where your mind stopped wandering with distractions, and you simply smiled knowing everything was perfect at that moment. Sometimes those moments are hard to come by, but that’s what makes them so special.

Perhaps it helps that I have been disconnected from the internet whenever I’m out of the house. It’s been incredible. Although I do get on wifi at some restaurants and bars, for the most part, I have no desire to carry around a phone nor answer messages. Being disconnected has forced me to focus on myself, and observe others as I’m out on the train, or walking down the street.

And notice the beauty of Hong Kong when the sun shines on buildings such as how the photo depicts below:


The other moment of peace and pure joy was at 2:00 AM, as I sat with old and new friends in a bar in Lan Kwai Fong. In the midst of my friends having conversations with each other, I looked around the street and found myself with the biggest smile on my face. It’s been two years since I’ve sat at these chairs, been in this environment. There was so much life around me.


Not to say I don’t feel the same sense of joy when I’m in the States, but that night and that feeling is indescribable. Perhaps if I lived in Hong Kong, I wouldn’t feel the same. It would become the norm, and I may even dislike it because the crowd and late nights can be overwhelming.

But it’s moments like this that is incredibly humbling, to recall my childhood, to remember all those nights I’ve spent in these bars, to realize how fortunate I am to have grown up in a city that everyone has written on their travel bucket list.

What are your joyous moments?

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