Thanksgiving 2011

My friends have left, my housemates friends have left, and the house is finally quiet once again. It is still a mess but we’ll get that sorted one of these days. This was a very successful thanksgiving break. It felt like I was always on the go the last few days but it was good to spend time with my friends, cook at home, do some shopping and simply enjoy the house without doing any homework. Oops.

I cannot say I helped much on the cooking, for the most part was my house mate and my friend Dominic. They did a fantastic job though. My housemate also baked the rest of the weekend, she’s a star!

11 lb turkey

stuffing, turkey, mash potatoes, pasta, gravy, potatoes, asparagus, nom nom

Domo-kun cookies! (mascot of NHK, Japan)

Cinnamon rolls mmmmmm

Finally, the best house mate and friend!

Life in Boston would be drastically different if I wasn’t living at the ninja fort, if my housemate wasn’t Fumi, and if I hadn’t met her in general. You keep me sane, you cook awesome food, you listen to my ramblings, and you’re just hot. there, I said it! 🙂

Here’s to a great thanksgiving and to a relatively stress free two weeks before Christmas break! I’m getting very excited to spend time with my cousins, to be on a cruise and in the heat, and spend a real winter in Toronto (I am not so excited for snow and cold… but it’ll definitely be an experience)

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