1979 classic

Half way through thanksgiving break, it’s been a blast. One of my good friends from Hong Kong came to stay with me from Providence. My housemate’s friends are here from New York. Our house has been full of people and it’s odd waking up to other voices in the house other than Fumi.

Thankfully my friend knows how to cook a turkey for thanksgiving, if not, I’m not sure how my turkey would’ve turned out. We made a huge thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, potatoes, asparagus, pasta, pumpkin pie, beer and a few other food and desserts. I’ll put up some picture in the next post.

Black Friday was successful. My friend Dominic and I bought a few things downtown, got tired then came home and became a couch potato for the rest of the night. Left overs for dinner, and watched two films. “And His Name is Jonah (1979)” and “Never Been Kissed (1999)” Below is a short clip of And His Name is Jonah…

According to IMDB, the summary of the movie is of such: “A couple whose son had been diagnosed as mentally retarded, and was institutionalized, are shocked to find out that the diagnoses was wrong, and that their son was deaf, not retarded.” It’s a very interesting, yet frustrating film to watch. The system they had for people who were deaf back in those days are drastically different and less developed than what we have now. They believed that deaf people should integrate with society and should not be treated differently. They should learn to read lips and thus, learn to speak. Easily said than done…

This is a story of Jonah who struggles to express himself, who struggles with everyone around him treating him as a “freak”, and to see his journey as he finds out there are other deaf people just like himself who communicate with sign language. I highly recommend this classic, it’s quite thought provoking and I even learned a few signs myself.

TO all those who are deaf, I applaud you for being who you are in a world that might or might not accommodate you as much as we should. I pray society will continue to develop and change as we learn more.


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