A break from Boston

It’s nice to take a break from everything once in a while for a few days and live in a different environment. Although I’ve only been back in Boston for just over a month, I was tired and needed to get out for a few days. It’s been a busy semester, not the best one to say the least but I’ll have to deal. Actually, I take that back. I don’t have to deal because God is with me and He won’t give me anything I can’t handle.

Anyway, I went to Philly for the weekend to visit my brother and spent some quality time with him. It was great to see his new life and to meet all his friends. Although we partied and did not get much sleep, it was one of the most relaxing weekends I’ve had since being back in America. If there’s anything I learned this weekend, is that MBA students party really hard in the midst of their stressfulness. College students sure can party and work hard at the same time, but there’s still no comparison.

Because of the environment, I was actually able to get a lot of work done while I was there. During the few hours we got to sit down and work, I wasted no time and got my papers done for this week. I was quite shocked but I guess what they say is true, your environment and people you surround yourself with can affect your productivity level.

Although I’m back in the stressfulness and frustration filled Boston, I still came back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle everything that will come my way. I made some new friends, some new connections, and spent time with my brother. I will definitely be back when I need to take a break from Boston again.

Gots to go!

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