Coming back to God

I can’t even begin to describe my day. Although my thigh is in pain and I haven’t gotten any school work done that I need to for Tuesday, it has been an incredible God-filled day. For the last few weeks my housemate and I have wondered about the worship music blasting from down the street as well as all the Asians that only seem to walk around Sunday mornings and early afternoons.

I looked up the venue and found out there is a church “Cornerstone Church” that meets Sunday mornings for service. This place is literally a 20 seconds walk from my house. As I was sitting in church today, God really opened up my heart and reminded me of how much I need him. For the last two years, I have had a hard time finding a solid church I feel comfortable in and a group of friends to fellowship with… to the point where when I came back this fall from home, I had given up on church hunting. I had planned to simply watch Island ECC’s video podcasts every week.

Just as I had given up and stopped hunting for God, He places a church right next to my house, subtly calling me back. Or He placed me and my apartment right next to the church. Either way, He had it all planned out. It’s a reminder that He seeks us out when we have strayed away, we just need to be there with open arms and come to Him when He calls.

I had Quidditch games all afternoon as usual and although we lost, I felt God’s presence with me all day. I could see myself acting calmer and more at peace because I had God in my mind. It is an incredible feeling knowing that at a moment when everything is preying for you to be angry, you remember God and simply humble yourself and continue to encourage others. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like that. It’s very comfortable.

Tonight was also Boston’s United Night of Worship at the Agganis Arena in Boston University. I went witha  good friend of mine and we coincidently sat in the same section as last year. It’s fascinating contemplating our lives a year ago and how different it is now. The arena was filled with people dying to worship God and willing to humble themselves for the work of God.

On my way home, I was on the train with many other university students who attended the nigh of worship. They began to sing and worship in the train station. Unsurprisingly, everyone took out their iphones to take a video… I was one of them. It was one of the most awesome things I’ve seen in Boston. My friend was looking around for people who looked uncomfortable at the openness of these students but everyone seemed to be enjoying the music! It was the perfect way to end the night. Check it out in the video below

Sorry about the wobbling of the camera. I was singing along and didn’t realize I was moving the camera so much. In short, God is good and don’t ever forget God is always seeking, always knocking on your door even when you’re not looking.

Gots to go!


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