It’s not easy to adjust

From Asia to the East Coast of America. It’s definitely not the easiest adjustment. If you’ve grown up in Asia, you’ll know what I mean… more specifically, if you grew up in HK; in the 852 there is definitely nothing like it. I’m not sure what I think about it all, I guess I’ve always thought I’d be fine seeing as I studied in an American school but it really is the polar opposite; the lifestyle, the mentality and everything in general.

From the 58th floor flat to an 8th floor room with two other girls.
From Lan Kwai where the night never ends to house parties.
From the MTR to the Subway in Boston.

College life is pretty sweet, but I’m not sure I’m ready for it all. Times like these where I wish I was laying on my bed looking out onto the HK skyline and contemplating life. Watching the lightning outside my window, and watching the world go by. Soon enough, Christmas will come and I will get to hibernate in my room and praise God for the beautiful Hong Kong architecture and lights.

Classes have started, there are some glitches here and there but hopefully I will get that figured out soon. They are good for the most part. I have realized though there are so much down time between classes, that doesn’t mean there is enough time to do everything I need to do in between spending time with friends, eating, and doing homework. Especially in a college like this one, thats smack in the middle of the city, I need to find time for God, find time to reflect and be by myself.

Praise God for allowing me to find a good church right from the start of my school year, it’s something I really needed- to plug in to a good church and the activities involved. I’ll end with one thing I was encouraged by at church this past Sunday.

It’s easy to love God but it’s not easy to love Man. We cannot use our love to God as a standard to love others, that’s not enough. Our love to God is changeable depending on whether He’s good to us that day or not. Jesus never said love others as you love me, but instead he said love others as I love you.

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