God’s overflowing grace

I just wanted to write a quick update before I head to bed earlier for the first time in a few days. I’ve been sleeping way too late for my own good these last two nights but that’s okay. I’ve had a good weekend, I didn’t party but I stayed in and relaxed in my dorm room. My roommates were gone for the weekend so I had the room to myself, which gave me more of a reason to stay in and do nothing!

There are quite a few things that happened that last few days that showed God’s overflowing grace towards me. It is uneblievable and yet really funny at the same time. I’m too lazy to write it all out at the moment but perhaps one day i will. This coming weekend I’ll be going to New Hampshire, for the Real Life Boston Fall Retreat which will be a great weekend to get away from the city, get away from school, meet new friends, fellowship with each other and most importantly spend some private time with God.

Quite update finished. Perhaps more tomorrow.

Oh, and my uncle came to Boston to visit me and we had the biggest and really good lobster meal. It was nice to speak cantonese again. Those it is always strange meeting and seeing someone in another country when you are used to seeing them somewhere else!

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2 thoughts on “God’s overflowing grace

  1. I will definitely come to Boston soon – trying to go up this Friday but not sure. I miss HK a lot but I’m getting used to so many more of the beautiful things here, like blue skies, and the ability to walk around, and trees that change color. It is so gorgeous here sometimes that I don’t think about the place I’ve left, but the new place I am.

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