Just a little update

A little pain is worth is if it means my heart will be broken to allow God to uphold me. Though the last few days have been painful, physically and mentally, it gave me the chance to read and meditate Gods word. I am still sick but am definitely feeling better than a few days ago. Prayers for full recovery could be appreciated.

On the brighter side, Im getting ready to head back to HK in less than two weeks for Water Festival. One of the biggest holidays here. I have faith and trust that I will be recovered by the time I get back and will be able to go around spending time with family and friends. The many different restaurants I want to go, the movies, the double decker buses, oh the many different adventures. I am so grateful to be able to go back after just a few months away from home. Many, actually most of the missionaries here wont have the chance to go back until at least a year or two in the field. 

The other morning, before moving to a friends apartment for a few days, I didn’t have much to do so I was going through some video clips on my hard drive and decided to make videos out of them. They will be uploaded in the next few days, but even though I was only making them on Imovie. They were a blast from the past. I miss using final cut and I miss being the weirdo sitting in the video tech room in HKIS all day doing nothing but watching tv shows and pretending to work. Im not great at making brilliant videos but they are a great hobby and thats all it matters.

Whats your hobby?

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One thought on “Just a little update

  1. i have a post it on my wall that says in very large letters pray for jo (which is underlined to) and i remember every time i walk in and out and such. and my friends do to actually. MUCH LOVE JOJO

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