From big banks to small businesses.

Disclaimer: I don’t know much about economic, I haven’t taken classes or been to economic school. So this post is merely my thoughts. Whether it is right or wrong. I apologize if I am incorrect in my thoughts.

Though the economic meltdown might not be as shocking now as it was a few weeks ago, it continues to affect everyone in the world. All we hear about on the media are big investment banks going bankrupt, how the government is bailing those specific banks out in attempt to make things better.

Either way, what we don’t hear about in the media is the fact that the economic meltdown had a large affect on small businesses and family businesses around the world. From factories who depend on trading company to buy a large amount of products from them to companies and businesses who depend on their client to purchase from them. Many of them have lost money, and perhaps even forced to start over from scratch.

What a bummer. I can’t help anyone out but what I can do, is say, though it might not seem ideal to start over. Your life might change drastically but keep your heads up and know that no matter what happens, you’re right where you are suppose to be.

Stay positive! Things will work out just fine.

Cheers, J

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