faith like a child

Dear God, surround me as I speak,
the bridges that I walk across are weak
Frustrations fill the void that I can’t solely bear.

Dear God, don’t let me fall apart
you’ve held me close to you
I have turned away and searched
for answers I can’t understand.

They say that I can move the mountains
And send them falling to the sea
They say that I can walk on water
If I would follow and believe with Faith Like a Child

Sometimes, when I feel miles away
and my eyes can’t see your face
I wonder if I’ve grown to lose the
recklessness I walked in light of you

They say that love can heal the broken
They say that hope can make you see
They say that faith can find a Savior
If you would follow and believe
With Faith Like a Child

Faith like a child by Jars of Clay

I was listenning to this song today while working out at Himawari. I don’t have a whole speech to write about the song this time, but just thought I’d post it up as a small enouragement for the day cause it made me smile!

Published by Joanne Lam

Hong Kong//Toronto Level 2 Personal Trainer Toronto Data Analytics - The Chang School Ryerson University

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