Strange lifestyle much?

Only a few more weeks till I head back to Hong Kong for a short visit! Quite stoked about it but am enjoying myself here. This weekend will be the first weekend where I don’t have anyone to entertain or a packed schedule- so it should be relaxing.

I’ve had the chance to think this past week about the fact that I am “living” in Cambodia. It miight seem normal to me but to others, it is absolutely ridiculous. The dirt, the dust, the heat, they all might seem unbearable to some people but to me- it seems like a lifestyle that I have adapted to. The ants that infest our kitchen, and the ones that crawl around in my room, they are not gross anymore- they just become annoying after a while. The little rodent that run around our house and eats our dead cockroaches.

You are probably shivering at the moment wondering how in the world we could live with that, but in fact, we live in a pretty wealthy house. It’s safe, it’s big and we have our own personal space when we need it. Comparatively, that’s very different then the rest of Cambodia… or even with a lot of people in the rest of the world!

Megan’s favorite- Instead of arguing over who mows the lawn like in the states or Canada, families could argue who gets to take the long bamboo stick, stick it up on the tree and knock the cocunut down before it drops on someone’s head.

Anyhow, that’s just a short post for me. Need to get some sleep.

Will update soon again.

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One thought on “Strange lifestyle much?

  1. jo, i know you do enjoy the life in Cambodia. It’s really an experiences for someone in their life. I think you are lucky to have a chance to live in difference country with difference lifestyle where you can feel the differencs……

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