The Forgotten Children Trailer

Three HS Students, myself included took a trip to Cambodia back in November 2007 to get footage in hopes of creating a documentary in 2008. This would be our Senior Project. It’s never going to happen, you might think, but here is a glimpse of the full documentary. We have procrastinated, we have partied, we have had arguments, but we have also worked together very well. This trailer is our first full product and we are very excited!


This is the trailer of the upcoming documentary “The Forgotten Children”, based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

This is an independent group project between three students from Hong Kong, aimed to raise awareness of the current living condition of children living in landfills in Cambodia. Many thanks to the Center for Children’s Happiness (CCH) for their gracious time and their efforts to save the forgotten children.

If you would like a copy of the documentary, please email:


We really hope you will take time to watch it, and We hope that it will increase your curiosity about Cambodia and the lifestyle of these children. Every time I watch it, it digs into my heart a little more.


JDC Productions 200
Joanne Lam, Dominic Wu, Charmaine Chen

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