It’s coming to an end.

Three days. Friday June 13th.

That is insane. When I think about the night where we, the class of 2008, will be sitting on the platform waiting to get our high school diplomas, i think about the past four or more years that I have been going to the graduation as a spectator, watching and clapping as much friends walk through the stage and throwing their hats in the air.

For most of us, school is over. And it has been over for a week or more now. it started to get to me at the Senior Baccalaureate service watching the band play. Songs of joy, songs of sorrow… we’ll never be together as a class again after this Friday.

9 years in HKIS. It’s been good.

Instead of getting all sentimental before Graduation, I will just say…

Enjoy the last few days, say goodbye to the people you love, spend as much time with them as possible and don’t get too Emo. Party it up with friends because the parties won’t be the same wherever you go.

The last month or two have been crazy, I’ve disappeared off the face of the earth to many people, but I have met many new friends at the same time. God has walked with me all through out this time, and I continue to praise him in everything I do.

I leave to Cambodia in less than two months, that’s incredible. I remember thinking there are still months until I leave but it’s coming to a close realization that I will be on my own in a totally new environment. Praying for God’s guidance and preparation.

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2 thoughts on “It’s coming to an end.

  1. Ahh I can’t believe you’re a graduate! Congrats Jo! I’m so glad you’re taking a gap year in Cambodia, I know how strongly you feel about it. I’m going to miss you – keep in touch!

    oh also on a side note…how did you make that “friends” list on your blog sidebar?

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