We can’t do things alone

I was just chatting with a friend tonight, telling him what I’ve been feeling lately, and something occurred to me. After coming back from El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. I have been in touch occasionally with the staff who work and lives there. Some of them aren’t doing very well, with personal as well as family problems. But because of the lack of signal at the resort and the lack of time that they have to go on the internet, there are very limited ways I could contact them or talk to them. I could only send them occasionally text messages, but it is not enough, especially when I enjoy talking face to face.

During this time, all I could do was Pray for them and let God do the work, let God heal them and speak to them. That is what God tries to tell us all the time, that we can’t do things alone no matter how much we try to be in control. In the end, we are stuck and there is nothing else we can do.

Lately, there’s a lot of trying to be patience, prayers and waiting for God to work in me, to work in others, to open doors and open hearts. It’s not an easy thing trying to be patience and letting God take over. But opportunity have raised that allows me to let my life be taken over, to trust in God in all things.

A few weeks ago, I asked God to restore my faith. To take me in again and, to change me and mold me. He has done not just that, but more and more. I see His ways of restoring my faith and it is amazing. It is surreal to see each step of His plan for me showing up unexpectedly. To experience His tests for me, test of faith, test of patience, all in such little time.

Patience, Trust and Faith in God will bring you places you have never imagined.

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