The way the world should be.

That phrase is so simple yet no one would understand unless they have been to Fiji and seen the smiles and laughters of these Fijians. The way they live their life. I just spent my final interim week in Fiji living in Rukurukulevu villag, getting to know the villagers, the kids, and learning the culture and traditions of Fiji. It was more than I could ask for, the best interim to end on. It is saddening to think that I will not be going on any more interims for the rest of my life.

I learned a lot about the history of Fiji, how it all came about. Watched traditional dances, drank Kava- traditional drink, met new friends from our HKIS group and getting to know them. Every morning when I woke up, walked out of my room, I automatically felt a smile on my face while I greeted the villagers. The way they take care of each other, share and the sense of community blows my mind. Playing with the kids while not knowing who he or she belonged to. The way the relax and enjoy life, “Fiji time” is what they say.

sunset fiji

Not only was it the most surreal and beautiful place on earth (along with El Nido), it was the friendliest place I’ve ever been, the friendliest people. Seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing their voices, even from miles away.  God has blessed Fiji from the beginning, and He is only working more and more in these villagers lives. I fall in love when I hear their passion for God, when I see their passion for God, even when they have fallen away the past so many years. The way one can come back to God and start a new life. God has given them such a simple life, a life where temptations are every where and Satan’s bait it unstoppable- and yet, their love and passion for God is endless.
James and I

Fiji is constantly on my mind, praying for the people, for those I know that are struggling with temptations. It’s the last thing on my mind before I sleep, and the first thing I think of when I wake up.  I am speechless when I think of you, when I think of the last week, when I think of the experience I’ve had. There are things that only I will ever know or experience. No matter how much I can try to explain it, only I will understand fully.


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