Lord, I need help.

I don’t know where to start. The title says everything I want to say right now. Sometimes we do things that blind us from the Truth, blind us from where we should be. Those close to me might have noticed, I have been different, I have been far away. And when I think of falling further and further, it is so painful. The pain shoots right to my heart. The pain reminds me of what’s important to me. When and where I am truly myself. Reminds me of how it feels to give everything to You, and leave not one thing behind.

I don’t, I haven’t and I will never deserve anything You provide. I don’t understand how I could ever forget the sacrifices You made for us, and yet I still do. The further we pull away, the harder it is to come back to You even though we know You are always there with open arms. We are born selfish people, we want to control our lives but when we do, things go wrong and we blame it on God. I have to leave my life to God and trust in Him, that is NOT an easy task.

El Nido was amazing once again. The beauty of it all, the creation of God. But if we take out all the beautiful scenery, beautiful mountains and ocean- we can Still see God’s beautiful creation everywhere, all around us. The people right next to us are the creations. Each with a different talent and a different personality. One week can change a lot of things.

I noticed many different areas in my life that needs alteration. I realized a direction and path, but at the same time, options and opportunities scramble around my head. Being able to talk and discuss is something We, as Christians, need to have. We need to be able to be open with each other, have accountability partners or group studies. No words will ever be able to describe the experience at El Nido.

Lord, I need help. Lord, I need help. Lord, I need help. Lord, I need help. I need you to bring me back, to teach me patience, show me and guide me, to focus my mind on You and nothing else. I pray for friends who are going through the same place. I pray that things will work out with God’s plan. Lord, I need help.

I Love You. Heal the pain in my heart.
Your grace leaves me in Awe and puts tears in my eyes.
Light the fire in my heart.


Published by Joanne Lam

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14 thoughts on “Lord, I need help.

  1. I need help, I need to let go of my ex husband. I still love him and need to move forward. My Dad is dying and I have two young bous and sometimes do not know how to move forward.

    Bridget R, Jensen

  2. I learned more today by looking up El Nido.

    sounds beautiful, picturesque (sp?)

    but I like to go swimming naked.

    Just a responsible first born from a large (dad youngest of 12 from the mid west) family of many believers.

    Do good.

  3. I need help to raise funds to pay for college tuition. after many years of yearning to get into a college(abroad) I got one but the finances I have are not enough for now.

  4. i want to move forward my life be easy for me all i want is stay home with me after i don`t want go out and stay home with the kids and teach our kids what don`t knowl.

  5. hi, I am stuck and tire of feeling or ending up in the same place I am trying not to go. I finally made it back to school. Now on my last class, I just can not seem to get it or the time in to get. I have 4 children and my husband is an abuser. I do not know how to get away from him for good. I was living with my mom but she has since move which is what I was hoping to do. Now, my children father (husband) comes around more often trying to stay for good and keep me barefoot and pregnaunt. I am struggling as it is by myself and he is an extra burden in so many ways. My son is not doing good in school, I am working two jobs and about to lose them both and then there is my class. I could say more but that is the basic sum of it all, Lord I need help. I do not want to have to be having abortions and I do not want to drop out of school or fail, my children need help, I do not have the finance and that man is the devil in so many ways driving me up the wall. Lord I need help.

  6. I know….you made me know…you made more in my mind than all my friends and coworkers…I have always known…but I am weak. Knowledge is like a curse…intellect a beast of pride..but I bow ..I do not judge for I.see me…in all matters of others …guilty of the same or not, I am capable of the same..so…I see me. I am tired nowadays…tired of the fool who lives in luxury, tired of the life I chose..so un- equally yoked..not that I am much without you or your people. I want to go home..I know youo Lord. Your place of rest..I want to rest..I care not here..but you gave me children…and I canp’t leave now…I want change …I have it in me..you built in me a masterpiece I would challenge ekven the elect to contend with me…..oh but lowly am I now …I have a mate I thought was from you….was it? And if was not ….what.now here over 20 years invested in this …I provide All. This line of pain and stress has drawn me to the glass pipe where for a moment I am free and smart and have a plan…nut it all turns to pain and dust. I need the birth again but i am.consecrated to one SO.MIST NOT WE BOTH FOLLOW OUR CHRIST IN DEAR.AND IN LIFE……HOW AM I ONE WITH MY.WOMAN THE WAY THuuyE BOOK DESCRIBES , IF WE ARE NOT SET ON HIM. I AM.WEAK I

    NEED HER TO HELP KEEP ME ON TRACK…..OR I CAN DO IT FINxtE ALONE……NUT WHAT ABOUT MY THREE CREATIONS , AND MY LATEST…THE DAUGHTER OR SIX…in whom I will die before separation. I fight continuous financial battles and.watch the thieves live happy lives.. does she know you Lord/? . Am I trying to.make work a.plan that.is nor yours? there are hearts on the line…the butcher is preparedbnb

  7. All great words come from the heart gifted by the lord. Which works in way we could not understand. Like love the kind we know is completely different the our lords. We think happyness a warm tingle in our chest. His is a wave for the ones who deserve it an for those who don’t. It’s geared towards the ones who make mistakes an the ones who learn from them. His compassion trumps any of man. Just to think of the love that He has for us is a task.

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