A valuable friendship

This week has been a long week, with Guys and Dolls and school at the same time. Finding out some bad news suddenly doesn’t make it all better either. In a taxi ride from the Aberdeen Marina club back to tai tam, a friendship began. I was just a young freshman hoping to adapt to Freshman year. Apparently, I was a chatterbox too πŸ™‚

For the past four years, I have been able to walk into the office, drop by your room, sit and chat for ages or just give a simple hug. You have known me and watched me grown all these years. No one in the school probably knows me the past few years more than you do. You joke around with me, have serious talks, and taken care of me. Interim, Mission trip, CYC, Fish. I wont be able to name all the good times we’ve had.

Thank you for always taking care of me, giving me advice, sending me random messages, praying for me when things were difficult and many more. Even though I will not see around every day, I know we will meet up, bake some burnt cookies, have some congee, and just relax. It will be different and I will miss you.

I will be praying for you and your family. God will guide you in ways nobody will ever know. He is teaching all of us lessons and helping us grow in Him. Trust him and everything will fall into place.

Love, Jo

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