It’s about time.

Sorry folks, I’ve realized it’s been a while since I’ve updated. I know you’re disappointed but I’m back! Well.. I’ve been back for Cambodia for almost a week now, just haven’t had time.. or better yet, just been lazy to write on this thing.

Cambodia was a great trip. I didn’t bond with my fellow students from hkis as much as I did with the translators that were with us the whole trip helping us out. For about 4 days, we worked on the volleyball court. Moving sand and rocks. Heavy duty work but hey.. at least it made us buffer. It was great satisfaction watching the villagers play on the sand volleyball court and having a great time.

It seemed like so short yet so long ago that I was in Cambodia. That place is amazing, I have no words to describe it. You feel a sense of happiness in the Cambodia people even though so many things have happened. They have an attitude and personality worth learning from. Just being in the country gives me a sense of peace and satisfaction. It’s beautiful.

Cambodia group
Missing Peter, Vibol and Daughin (who was taking the picture)

The last two school days have been stressful, not because of school work but planning and organizing and sorting things out for this Mission trip coming up in less than two weeks. I’ve been worried but God is good and He provides. He shows us that we really need to trust Him and leave it to Him to figure things out. Please keep praying for this trip to happen, we are having some complications at the moment at the price of the trip. I want to go on this mission trip back to Cambodia so bad..

Other than that, things are good. Easter break just started. I’ve got some good plans including the obvious one starting today – rugby sevens, a friend from Macau is coming to visit me in a few days, catching up with friends and getting some rest.

I’ve been hanging out a bunch with my friend visiting from Toronto and that’s been great. Relaxing, having midnight drives. Being able to text and hear from the four translators from Cambodia have been nice too. One of them called me last night and that was surprising and awesome. It was good to hear his voice and be able to talk again.

By the way, Wii is fun! I’m not bad at it either.

Good to be back, Joanne.

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One thought on “It’s about time.

  1. Ok, well Jo you and older people just fit together more then younger people. What can I say, sometimes we learn to fit in where others might question it. I am praying that your trip to cambodia works out, and that God will open or close doors that need to be.

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