Prayer Request

As many of you know, the last few days I’ve been frantically trying to find people who are interested to go on a mission trip to Cambodia in less than two weeks. Currently and thankfully, we have enough people for this trip to run. Thank the LORD!

But there is still a small hold back for this trip, that is, the cost of the trip. Dragon Air have been holding back and giving us a price that we feel is a little unreasonable. So we have been working hard along with our travel agent to try and get our original price back. Everyday, we have been waiting to hear back and every day they tell us they will let us know the next day. I just received an email  saying they will get back to us on Monday.

God notices that we are desperate, and yet He is testing our patience and our Trust in Him.

Please continue to pray for the best and for this trip to happen.

In Christ, Joanne.

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2 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. Hi stalker/stalkee! I’m sorry I have been such a slacker. Is it possible to have a slacker stalker? I think you do. I just read more than a month’s worth of entries, and at least it seems like you’re having fun =)

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