Being small is fun

Barbeque night. It was quite fun even though it took quite a long time trying to get the fire started, credit to Chris and Mike who put so much effort into it. Sitting next to the ocean, occasionally tasting it, talking was quite fun. Relaxing. I forgot how much I love the sound of the waves crashing onto the rocks. Everyone who came is awesome.

On the way back from the beach, there was two parknshop carts on the sidewalk. I decided to sit it in and have Jon push me. It was fun, quite relaxing sitting in the cart and definetly a work out for Hynah. All the way from the stanley beach to circle K on stanley street, with a quick 100m dash and including the big hill going down to the round about.  By the time we got to circle K, he was sweating the ocean.


The fun continues. Did you ever know that the drinks section at circle K can push in? Well we did and when we went in, we saw the drinks were pushed in a little bit. Just enough for someone to stand inside. Well.. you know what happened next.


Go ahead. Laugh away. Steam?

One more day, When’s our next holiday? When’s christmas? I’m ready for it already, and I’m sure all my friends are. Enjoy the last day.

Cheers, Jo!

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