When it’s not expected.

“when we get bored out we feel like hell” That’s what one of my friends said to me tonight. It reminded me of something that’s very important to us. How many times are we bored out of our minds at home, but we don’t do anything about it except complain about how bored we are? How many times do we think about spending time with God but instead we say .. oh no, I have too much homework, I’ll do it another time ..? I’m sure I have more than I can count with both my fingers and my feet.

I can say, I do it all the time. Not necessarily because I was busy with homework, but just because i’m too lazy to, or i’m watching a tv show that I think is very important. When we don’t have anything to do and we’re just sitting at home, that is the best time to find somewhere quiet, without music, without any distractions, and spend time with God. Pray, read the bible and just have your quiet time.

Sometimes you have disappointments in order to have surprises that make you smile. It might not mean a lot to you, but to me, getting an real email from anyone telling me about their life and what’s going on makes me happy. And today, you sent me one. I felt better from basketball and when I came home, I took a glanced at my gmail, saw your name and had a big grin on my face. The email was nothing special but it was good to hear from you.

Two days. Hang in there folks.

Cheers, Jo.

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2 thoughts on “When it’s not expected.

  1. That’s right Jo. Seeing things differently give us the perspective to take the real world at face value. More often, We see our life as exhilarating, idealized and romanticized. Maybe we even try to reinvent the world to suit our fantasy. It is true, of course, that everyone does it. But why are we all so eager to get away from reality? Sometimes we do not change ourselves to fit the world but change the world to fit within us.

  2. Yo jo. what’s going on?
    I am leaving to NY this Sunday, on business class, for the first time! and I am actually on the same flight as kurtis, who is now with 3 of his friends here visiting japan.
    have a great week. cheers, bro

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