Last JRP free weekend.

This past weekend was my last JRP free weekend for a long time. It’s been a really good weekend. Another 5 day school week.. I’m not ready but time doesn’t stop because you want it to. Restating what I did would just sound boring, cause nobody would understand why it was so much fun. Hanging out with Jon was good. We’ve both got to set a date and spend the whole day together and just chill. Seeing another friend was great. I haven’t seen him in over a month and it was nice to talk and walk around. Look at some of his old photoshoots and relax with “Beulah”.

I will put up some pictures soon but Westlife was awesome. Spending time with Jessy and Shirley was the best. Talking and laughing. Girl’s night at Dana’s was good as well even though I went late and we just talked. I don’t talk much when I hang out with them but it’s a good laugh. Thanks Dana for having us over!

Another weekend, we will definetly have to hang out. Friday night we didn’t. Saturday  night we didn’t. I was looking forward to it but I am still looking forward to it as much as I was – even more perhaps.

Please pray for my helper who is now on her way back to the philipines. That she will get there safety and spend time with her mother who is sick and will be having an operation. I pray that God will be there with all of them through this and calm them. I pray that they all seek God and grow closer in the relationship at the same time because God is the healer. I cannot imagine how she feels, but I know she will stay strong through the Lord.

It’s been a busy weekend but was definetly worth it.


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