… it’s a word that I haven’t thought about much for a long time but should be one that I remind myself every day. I was having coffee with a good friend the other night and we began exchanging stories about our lives the last half a year. As I began to talk about my four months traveling Europe and the UK, I found myself elaborating on all the times where I’ve had to learn to accept people for the way they’re acting or the things they’re doing.

My friend asked me what I’ve learned through this experience and I had a hard time answering that question, except for the fact that my world view is once again expanded from learning the different cultures of the world. As I continued to tell her stories about my struggle with friends who might not have had the same travel experience as me, she pointed out that perhaps God was teaching me to have more compassion… to be filled with compassion for those different than us, to understand their point of view without judgement.

Hearing her say that word was like learning a new word from scratch, although it’s a simple word we hear on and off occasionally. Every day we meet people who has a different opinion than ourselves, we meet people who might do something we really don’t understand and thats where the struggle is. We subconsciously tune out those people and sometimes want nothing to do with them, but we have to put ourselves in their shoes and have compassion on them. Compassion, know that ignorant and racism is two very different things. Know that their life circumstances could be nothing you would ever imagine.


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