Denmark and memories

It’s been about two years since I left Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Some say we are not moving on if we keep talking about our experience but I talked more about it this past weekend then I did all together in the past two years. God has a funny way of working things out and bringing people together again. I met my friend from Denmark through mutual friends in Phnom Penh. We spent lots of time together at the pool, out for drinks or just hanging out at home. When we said goodbye two years ago, I never would’ve guessed I would get the chance to visit her where she grew up, where she calls home.

I arrived in Copenhagen Thursday night and spent about a day and a half there before taking the train up to Aalborg, the student city of Denmark for another day and a half. This was one of the most relaxing weekends I’ve had. I stayed with my friends and therefore was able to sleep through the night without being waken by other travelers in a hostel. We made sure to take it easy and not rush around doing the touristy things. Most importantly, I just wanted to catch up with my friend on the last two years and believe me, it took all weekend.

It was pretty foggy the first day, beautiful nonetheless

In Copenhagen, I walked around town, ate hot dogs and Indian food but I didn’t see the Little Mermaid. (Apparently, she just came back from China… The shanghai world expo) The favorite place I visited in the city was Christiania. It is a freetown – self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood of about 800 residents in the district of Christianshavn in Copenhagen.  It’s a city within a city. I got a mini tour of everything from the pusher street (drug selling street) to the small Kindergarten built for the 200 kids that live there. It was fascinating to learn about the history, the development and the continual struggles of this ‘city’. It’s nothing like the rest of Copenhagen, an absolute must-see if you happen to travel there! I could write a whole post on this, so I’ll just leave it at that.

A shop in Christiania, right next to Pusher (drug) street... the red background and three yellow dots is their flag

In Aalborg, I first attended my friend’s fellowship on Sunday followed by driving 30 minutes to the Blokhus Beach in the West Coast of Northern Jutland. Going to fellowship was great. although the worship music was in Danish and everyone were strangers, I felt a sense of peace to be surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ. it was nice to be in that setting for the first time since church in Hong Kong.

We spent the afternoon that day at the beach, and it was unbelievably beautiful. I have never heard of any summer beach towns in Denmark before, and didn’t expect much. It is pretty dead during the winter, not many businesses open but during the summer, it’s a major attraction. Many Danish and Germans go there during the summer, rent a house and spend a week or two there. I was once again marveled by God’s creation. The sand, the ocean and simply thankful to be walking side by side my friend. Physically, mentally and spiritually. I was even more thankful hat night when she cooked the best meal ever 🙂

Blokhus beach, West coast, Northern Jutland
Coconut chicken curry with veggies and rice.... so good

And here I conclude: It was a fantastic weekend, and we talked a lot about life.

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