there’s something about biking in the rain

It’s been exactly 5 days here at Kasteel Well although it feels a lot longer. Perhaps in a small town like Well, it doesn’t take long to feel comfortable. Orientation weekend was full of meetings, but we all settled in pretty quickly. If I took one thing out of all those meetings, it’d be the importance of responsible drinking. I got pretty tired of them telling us the rules and what punishment might occur if we did anything drastic, my professor even spent the first 15 minutes of class yesterday reiterating the rules.I do understand, however, that alcohol and drugs is such a touchy subject that if anything were to happen, this program could be in danger. With that being said, I was pretty entertained at some of the comments and generalizations I heard about Americans. I’ll leave it at that.

The last two mornings, I was able to wake up early, have breakfast and go for a bike ride after wards. This morning as I was out biking, it began to pour down on me. It has been drizzling the last few days but never had it full on rained yet. I most definitely got soaked by the time I decided the rain was too heavy and I should turn around. There’s something about biking in the rain, listening to a sermon and enjoying God’s creation all around me. Those who know me can tell you I have never been much of a country, small town person. Being born and raised in Hong Kong, I’ve always felt more comfortable and amazed at the city life; the very talented Hong Kong construction workers God created to build these hundred story buildings. There’s nothing like standing on the streets surrounded by buildings that could crush you if it ever toppled over.

roaming behind the Kasteel (the moat)

Anyway, this is a different lifestyle and it’s one I have yet to experience. Biking around, there are goats, cows, horses, trees everywhere and one hostel or restaurant every 10 minutes or so. In the town of well, there is one super market, one fruit store, one bakery, and one “everything under the roof” store, Linden – the one and only bar, and a few restaurants here and there. When they’re closed, there’s not much you can do but to sit, meditate and enjoy the sound of the tree blown around by the wind.

Will there be difficulties? Of course, I am already starting to get sick of the food. I am looking forward to going to Amsterdam this weekend and having Indonesian food with the group, as well as other food that I will eat myself. There is no much to eat on a daily basis other than bread, cheese, cereal and salad. It will also one of the first time I will be traveling around as a back packer, planning everything from transportation to what I will do. It’s a little worrisome at times, but much of it is all a part of the learning process and exactly what this program is about.

For God said: ” Therefore, I tell you. Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?” Matthew 6:25 NIV

I’m heading to Amsterdam for an academic excursion this Friday and the following weekend I’ll be heading to Tallinn, Estonia. It’s currently snowing, and it’s about 1 to -7 celcius. I might have gone crazy booking tickets to a place that cold but Tallinn is the European capital of culture for 2011. Estonia is also the birth place of Skype, I bet that’s something you didn’t know!

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One thought on “there’s something about biking in the rain

  1. didn’t observed any rain in your photo…it’s really a nice country side to visit….we will probably be doing the same after 2 years, i hope

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