End of January?


It has been a long time. Well, I guess it’s only been over a month but it feels like a long time since I’ve written. I was home in Hong Kong for christmas and new year. I had a great holiday seeing friends, relaxing, and enjoying my own room. Every morning when I woke up, I felt a rush of peacefulness just looking out the window and seeing the harbor, IFC, Wan Chai Convention Center, all of TST.. basically… an awesome view. I’m up on the 58th floor, so you can imagine how much I can see!

God blessed me with a sudden trip to El Nido, Palawan Philippines as well. My friend’s family was going for about five days and I was able to tag along. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world and I could not give up the chance to go! I am really thankful for my parents to let me go and for my friend’s family to take me in for five days. I got a chance to see ICM’s new ministry in El Nido town.

Although Cambodia was only about seven months ago, it feels like it’s been a long time and going to Philippines in a way reminded me of it. We went to the villages, we walked around in the heat, we did a bit of field work and research you could say. Seeing the kids run around in the villages was quite refreshing. The language barrier prevented us from talking, but here’s the beauty of it all… the non-verbal communication is unbeatable. I love their beautiful eyes, their gorgeous smile, something about it just pokes at my heart every time I think about it. Especially in a place like El Nido, to be able to go from seeing a poor under developed village to a resort consisting of 51 islands and beaches. God’s creation is magnificent. The stars were uncountable.

Christmas break went by quite quickly and by the time I knew it, I was back in Boston. School started last week and I’ve been trying to get settled again. Classes starting to get busy, hopefully doesn’t get too bad! I am getting more involved, or you can say, involved in campus activities this semester so it will be a busy semester. I am looking forward to keeping myself occupied though.

I’ll update my new activities as they start!

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