moving backwards

My year in Cambodia has officially finished, I unwillingly dragged myself on the plane friday night and came back to Hong Kong. It has been good to be home and spend time with my parents but I have also been in a daze. Everything all of a sudden seems to be moving too fast, it’s like I don’t know how to live in HK anymore. It’s a very strange feeling. Some might call it, “Reverse culture shock”. I’m still trying to figure it all out myself!

There is one thing I’ve realized about my year out since I’ve been back. Though I love coming back to HK and catching up with old friends. I realize I’ve taken a step forward by going to Cambodia. I’ve found my place in Phnom Penh, made good friends and lead my own life. Now that I have left, and came back to HK… it’s like I’ve taken a step backwards. But with that being said, HK is like a stop over because I’ll be taking another step in a few months to university.

I have not been feeling very social the last few days and haven’t felt up to making small talks with everyone. I apologize for the lack of communications,but I am trying to sort myself out and perhaps reflection on my own part about the past year. I start work tomorrow and will be working Mon-Fri until probably the end of July. So I apologize in advance if I don’t get too much time to get together, but i’ll try my best!

I am, in fact, very looking forward to start work tomorrow; keep myself busy.

My thoughts have been all over the place, therefore, this entry was all over the place! Eitherway, I praise God for bringing me to where I am now, to bless me with all my experiences and to be able to find jobs for the summer without any hassle! I know He is working on me in His own time, therefore, I have no worry that I will feel better and start to be myself again.

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