Happy Thanksgiving

It’s my second year celebrating thanksgiving in Cambodia. We had Cambodian style turkey… which is actually chicken because turkey is too expensive, mash potatoes, stuffing, beans, and pumpkin pie. In fact, I had TWO thanksgiving dinners tonight. Impressive eh? … Now I really need to go exercise tomorrow. 

I had a thanksgiving meal at my house with some colleagues and then headed off to a good friends house for my second meal with some friends from the Khmer church I attend occasionally, as well as with others who I just met tonight. The food cooked at both meals were great! I almost couldn’t stop myself from eating more.

It is quite remarkable that exactly a year ago, I was also in Phnom Penh celebrating thanksgiving. Charmaine, Dominic and I were here filming our senior project and was able to celebrate at Grandma Peg’s house along with our Khmer friends from the church who helped us out tremendously. Who would’ve thought I’d be living here a year later eating a thanksgiving meal with the same friends? (We missed you Grandma!)

I spent the day at a resort with the Khmer staff from our school. Some office staff, other TA’s, and a few teachers. It was a cheap resort that they were able to afford, though the meal was quite pricy. I’m really glad I was able to get them together for this event. From what I understand, they have been out together as Khmer staff before but it’s a big encouragement to them to also be able to spend time with some of us, staff who are not Khmer. Likewise, I enjoy their company. 

After a full day of socializing with people and being out there, I am wiped out. Looking forward to another day off tomorrow, relaxing and spending some time to myself. Although I do have to get some unit plans done in the midst of all the relaxation.


Thanks you?

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