Coming close to the end of the year

23 more school days until summer…

Does that not sound really short? I’m excited, but I will also try to savor these last days of my junior year.  Another year have passed, next school year will be different. Many teachers and administrators are leaving. Thats one thing I will be bummed about, every day seeing these teachers and knowing that in 23 days, I might not see them again.

Saturday night was the HKIS Annual Ball at the Convention Hall in Wanchai. It was a very big and formal event. I got there quite early, being there in case they need any hands to help around the venue. During the cocktails, there was a band playing with Kelly Pokorney as the singer. She has a beautiful voice and sang very well! Many guests started to arrive shortly after.

I was a student volunteer for the evening along with many other students. Our jobs were to sell raffle tickets during their dinner and help to be markers for the live auction. I had a different job so I wasn’t assigned to any tables which actually worked better for me. For most of the evening, I walked around and socialized with the faculty and the parents that attended. There were many who recognized me and immediatly greeted me, but there were a few that took me a while to remember where or when I met them. I enjoyed socializing.

There was a dedication for Mr. Handrich because he will be retiring this year and returning back to America. That reminded me of all the teachers and faculty that will be leaving and that made me upset. On a selfish part, I wish they would stay for just one more year until I graduated but because of varies reasons, I’m glad they’re moving on to a different place and perhaps start a new life or return to their home. Mr. Handrich is one of the faculty that I will miss dearly. Even though I am not very close with him, I still knew that if I wanted to talk he would always be there. Walking into the school in the mornings with him standing there greeting students, being able to stop and chat for a couple minutes – It builds a good relationship between the faculty and the students. He’s contributed a big part to HKIS, one of a kind.

The auctioneer for the night was my friend Jehan. I have not seen him for a month or two now, haven’t talked to him much lately either. We’ve both been busy with our lives, but it was good to see him. Looking forward to catching up with him sometime soon.

After the live auction and the HKD performances, the dance floor was opened and the band started playing.  Faculty, parents, and students danced the night away. It was nice to see everyone enjoying their time. Many of us danced for a long time, Danny M and I decided to go to the Flying Pan to grab some breakfast before heading home. How nice to chat, glad we are able to be closer since Cambodia.

It was a good night!

– J.Lam

Your love is deeper than the cross,
higher than the heavens,
reaches beyon the stars in the sky.
Jesus, Your love has no bound

(Kutless – Jesus Lord of Heaven)

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2 thoughts on “Coming close to the end of the year

  1. I miss HKIS. I miss Mr. Handrich. He still remembers me after all these years. I need to send him an e-mail or something. It has been too long. Sigh, the year is almost over, you’re becoming a senior. I’m going to be a post grad school, working individual.

    It is kinda scary, going into the real world. But I’m ready for it. Kinda welcoming that. We should have breakfast this Saturday.


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