what seems small is big

I don’t know whats with the title, I couldn’t really think of one. This weekends been good, from serious talks friday night to Strong, Single and Sexy female valentines party saturday to sunday. Thanks for planning it. It’s a little too late to elaborate on it, but go on my facebook and check out the pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Sermon was good today as well, Pastor Brett talked about forgivness, carrying someone else’s burden even though we want them to suffer. Even more, forgiving ourselves is the first step. We all have secrets, maybe it’s time for us to forgive ourselves for that one thing that we cannot get over.

That wasn’t what i wanted to write about though. My mom’s friend from Jakarta is in town for the week, and she stayed with us for the weekend. I’m sure you’ve heard about the big flood that occured at Jakarta. Many many people are now homeless and have nothing in their life, no food, no money, no shelter.

Currently, because of the horrible conditions, this friend of my mom’s family is feeding and housing 25-30 people each night. She feeds them three meals a day, and gives them a shelter at night – her house.

I found it very amazing when I heard about it. God is doing work within each one of them, and most importantly, this family has such a great heart to be helping the poor, helping those in need. It makes my heart melt knowing that this small amount of people is being taken care of.

It might seem small to us, but to those in need, it is their life saver right now. To be able to stay alive and have a shelter. How can we help others in the smallest way?

A few more days till Chinese New Year, hang in there. I am ready.

Jo Delight!

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