The rare occasion

This past weekend, which was also our last weekend before school starts (which is today), I spent my time catching up with some friends. I’ve had friends in town but till this day, I have not had the time to meet up with them. I wish I had more time but this break has been good nontheless.

On Saturday, I met up with a friend who was my teacher assistant a few summers ago for an SAT prep course token at the HKIS Summer. The last time I talked to him was at the end of that summer. We hung out alot and used to talk every day that summer and he left for university and things got busy for the both of us. It is great catching up and amazes me how much a person can change. Spending a few hours talking about life and our goals and dreams of life is something you don’t do very often.

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timlobsterjanecrabscottjane and i

Saturday night, I took the LaTours, the Sutherlands, Scott and Jane for seafood dinner at Tuen Mun with my family. I’m sure it was quite an experience for them, it was fun talking and laughing with them through a dinner and seeing how much they enjoyed the seafood. The waiters and waitresses definitely served us even better when they were around. Probably because there were white people and that’s a very rare occasion all the way out in Tuen Mun. Of course, they were entertained by Lillian as well. Who isn’t?

I had a chance to go to a different church yesterday. A friend who works at St. Steven’s Society whom I met when they came to FISH for testimonies invited me to church, reminded me about it when I went to join the go-getters for a Japanese class. I decided to take this chance to go this to church before I get busy at school and I get too lazy to go all the way out on a sunday morning. It was a different experience, having the church be bilingual, but mostly chinese people who aren’t very good at english. It was quite charismatic, I guess you could say. I had lunch with some of them as well, and it was good getting to know them and having them interested in getting to know me.

Having to hear white people, foreigners be better at cantonese than I am is quite exciting though!

Back to school, Good luck on Exams and Have a great week. Happy New Year once again.

Cheers, Jo!

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3 thoughts on “The rare occasion

  1. Hi stalkee! I haven’t read your blog in like a week….craziness. But I’m glad to see that you had a great break. Things here I think are starting to settle down (or at least I hope). I miss ya! Have a good week at school =)

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