Happy Christmas!

Another year has passed, it’s almost 2007. Can you believe that? Anyways, Merry Christmas. I hope all of you have been having a great christmas, spending time with family and friends. And remembering that Christ was born. Unfortunatly, I had to miss the Christmas service at ECC this year. I spent christmas in Japan, spending time in some hotsprings. Eating. Shopping and Eating again.

Japan does not have any christmas Spirit. At least the many places in Tokyo that we went to, they don’t even have a public holiday for christmas. How unfortunate is that? One of the best holidays and they don’t quite celebrate it. If it wasn’t for my parents and I to come to Japan to spend time with my brother, he wouldn’t even have remembered or celebrated christmas.

Japan has been good to me. Although I have to say, it is way too croweded for me. Way too many people for me. I have been living on the south side of Hong Kong for way too long, I am getting more and more claustrophobic every time I go to causeway bay, even worse, here in Tokyo. The food is amazing, I’ve always loved Japanese food. The living standard around this area is very high. Every meal we’ve had is about or more than $1000 HK. So I am ready to go back to Hong Kong and spend time with my friends, so whether you want me to or not, I will be back and bothering ya’ll!

Have a good Christmas!

Cheers, Jo.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!

  1. jo you come back in like 3 hours! woo hoo. i’m glad you had a good christmas at the hot springs with a bunch of naked ladies, sounds like a PARTY. hahaha jk jk. nah what’s good about it is you were with your bro and family, that’s cool. but now you’re coming back and we have more chill time together! if i finish my apps. i suck at life. haha i keep telling me that, i think it’s starting to become true.
    it’s a bummer japan doesn’t celebrate christmas…i did a little research on japan earlier and it’s probably one of the most work-driven place in the world. population is decreasing because parents don’t want to have kids because it hinders them from working also because the cost of living there is ridicously expensive..they say in the next 50 years japan’s population will decrease by 50%? also there are more elders rising in japan than there are kids…
    anyways that was a tangent. look at this very long comment i wrote you!! gah i want to be done with apps but no, stupid facebook, gmail, and all these other websites keep distracting me. what college wants to accept someone like that? haha okiedokie no more sulking.
    see ya girl! can’t wait for your return.
    – cor

  2. yeah i can say, all that stuff corrie just learned about, we learned in our trusty ap geography class lol. keeping on on the main things happening in the world. so i just amd in the room o ver here online while the rest of my family is alseep…i believe. so im kind of bored. just kind of. but that’s ok! so i just found out from kelly thatthere was another earthquake in hk. i think…taht would be the scariest thing again. im kind of hating the fact that these shakes keep happening.
    i mean, we didnt have any last year! at least none that i felt! man, something about the earth must be changing right now.
    so how was christmas? mine was pretty good. although we’re having christmas dinner when we get back from thailand. i got a very thin camera! so now, i dont have to go through saying jo gimme copies of the pictures! and then…not getting them hahahaha good time good times. i still do need some pictures from you 😉 MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR
    love and miss you much

  3. to corrie – everyone in college (and out for that matter) is distracted by all the same websites, it just lowers the curve, so they still want you =)
    to jo – Merry Christmas girl! I haven’t talked to you in like a week. This is insanity! Ok real friend, hope to see you online sometime soon!

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