I might have been a little out of shape…

So get this. I went out to exercise today. But it was completly unplanned. I mean unplanned as in, I had to do it after school, after a nap, and after homework. Which I am pretty proud of that I actually did homework, after school. I don’t think this trend will last that long afterwards but that is not the point.

The point is, I went to play badminton tonight at 7pm and I played for two hours. Now you may ask yourself, who the hell plays badminton for two hours. Well I did. And it was no easy task. But with the words, of my father echoing in my head “JO EXERCISE” I was ok, lets run some suicides. Ha. I’m going to be so fit, after this is over.

So I bid my friends goodbye, and head back to the bus stop of whatever there is that can take me home. And I realised that noone is going to take my sweaty ass home today, cause I smell, look like a wreck and am tired.

So I fashioned this brilliant and foolproof idea that would take me home fast and wouldn’t bother too many people.

I Ran Home.

Yes, after hours of badminton, running suicides, I did the only thing a insane person would do. I ran home. My legs are tired. And I am worn out. I know for a fact I will be soo sore that my brain will shut down, and I will collapse in a heap or fain and lack of energy in the middle of Lunch.

In hindsight, I may have been a little dumb to think I could do all that and be alright.


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